The Diocese of Chandigarh follows the structure laid down in the constitution of the Church of North India for its organization. The main concentration of Christians is found in Ludhiana/Chandigarh, Gurdaspur, Jalandhar/Hoshiarpur, and Ferozepur. So looking to this concentration of the congregations the Diocese of Chandigarh formed its four zones i.e. Ludhiana/Chandigarh Zone, Ferozepur Zone, Jalandhar/Hoashiapur Zone, and Gurdaspur Zone. The Diocese of Chandigarh consists of 65 Pastorates, 186 Congregations, 46 Presbyters, 19 Deacons and 4 Evangelists. Besides, it has 8 Office Staff. The Diocese also has 6 Government Aided Schools, 8 Unaided Schools, 1 Nursing Institute at UCI, Suranurssi and 1 hospital at Ferozepur.


The Clergy of the Diocese of Chandigarh is involved in the total development of human personality. They do give emphasize on Faith formation, Instruction in Faith, and deepening of Commitment to Christ in order to bring about radical and structural change among the Christian Community. In a dominant Sikh culture and heritage, the Christian Community has to shun self-centeredness, narrow mentality and sense helplessness in order to emerge as an instrument of peace and justice in Punjab. Though the presbyters of the Diocese of Chandigarh are not fully equipped both financially and socially to face the challenges of Christian faith in Punjab. But they are striving towards the goal. They need our prayers, encouragement, and support. The Bishop has been able to provide Christian nurture through spiritual guidance, counseling, Pastoral visitation, Evangelism, and outreach programs. The Diocese also regularly conduct Retreats, Seminars, Training Programmes and get together for its clergy and laity.